Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The School Break Snapshots

(A shot of one of my besties' shoes and mine, now the cover picture for my Facebook account)

I love taking photos randomly in the middle of the day, especially during holidays when I ain't got anything to do. And just 2 days ago, my 1 week school break ended.
Unfortunately I had to end the one week of freedom connected to an IV pole and stuck behind the depressing walls of the hospital :( Yes, I was admitted again. But I managed to capture a few moments of my happiest days of the 1 week break :) Here are the pictures;

The most memorable highlight of this school break is going out to Pavillion with my new found bestie, Celina Bear :) We had LOADS of fun going window shopping (hunting for matching items that we can both wear at school), watching the new movie Lorax (packed with cuteness, enjoyed the little woodland creatures. Singing fishes, cuddly bears, big yellow birds, how awesome can that be?) and eating ice-cream together.
Found matching handphone key-chains!

My favorite picture of us both with smiles from ear to ear.
A 4 framed picture! :D I always enjoy a good four-framed picture :p As you can see, we had some lighting difficulties (picture 2 and 3, the downside of taking photos with a 4th Generation iTouch camera) but I think this was a success as we set themes for each frame. Love the 4th picture, finger-touch-sisters forever!
The Baskin Robbins part of the outing ;D Please excuse my messy hair, lets just say it wasn't a very good hair day :/ I had Rainbow Sorbet (my all time favorite, I only eat non-fat or less-fat ice cream) and Celina had Cotton Candy which she raved about the whole time we were enjoying our cold treats. Whats your favorite Baskin Robbins ice-cream flavor? :)

One of my FAVORITEEE t-shirts this month, my Lucy Van Pelt t-shirt from Uniqlo's Peanuts clothing line.
On Wednesday, after we collected my sister's SECOND pair of retainers (she got lectured a few times by our parents after not taking good care of her previous one which 'shrunk' according to her), Mom took us to the Korean marts at Ampang to get some snacks and treats for lunch. Both my sister and I had some refreshing Pear flavored Popsicles to suck on along the way home :) a must try!

The weather was extremely humid during the week; so after Dad serviced the air cons in the bedroom, we had good comfortable nights of sleep :) To celebrate the cool temperature in the bedroom, I took some hilarious pictures with my friend, Pooh :p

One of the highlights of the week was sitting in the air-conditioned room and sketching pictures of Disney Characters. I shall share on my blog some of my sketches in the future posts :) Felt like a professional artist the whole time but I was actually copying the sketches from the original ones I found online xD some artist :/

The last few snapshots of my week are focusing on Mom's super delicious Japchae :D I was all-smiles gobbling down my mouth-watering lunch. Noodles were bouncy and chewy, just how I like it.
For those of you who haven't got a clue on what Japchae is, here's a little description of this yummy dish from my go-to website for knowledge, Wikipedia;)

Japchae (jabchae, chapchae) is a Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles (called dangmyeon), stir fried in sesame oil with various vegetables (typically thinly sliced carrots, onion, spinach, and mushrooms), sometimes served with beef, and flavoured with soy sauce, and sweetened with sugar. It is usually served garnished with sesame seeds and slivers of chili. It may be served either hot or cold.

Well, this is basically all the snapshots I have gathered. It was a good 1 week break, now it's time to put on my thinking caps and head back to school. Well, that is, after I get loads of rest and boost up my energy :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


This picture just makes me smile :)

C.S Lewis once said "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,"What! You too? I thought I was the only one", and I've found my 'another person' to say that to. I'm going to keep this special someone nicknamed as Unicorn (something she admires dearly).

I once wrote an essay about my best friend (not Unicorn), which I wrote most about how amazing she was instead of emphasizing how much we bonded and clicked as friends. And I realized that as time passes by, our strong friendship seems to diminish. I'm not implying that we are no longer friends, I do want to keep our friendship going, treating it like the 'good ol' days' or in other words, wonderful memories (the ones where I'll look back and smile). My point is, the both of us spent many good times together but we had so many differences, as time goes by, it parted us.

On the other hand, the Unicorn and I haven't spend a lot of time together but through the internet we are able to bond with each other and chat about things we go through. We share a lot of similarities, like being so different in a school full of people who seem to be able to click with one another easily, or, taking interest in childish things like unicorns and magical worlds while girls our age are filling the time shopping for clothes and talking about boys. I mean we do talk about boys and shop for girly things, but most of time we get lost in our very own world where shopping malls or flirting does not exist. I like building castles in the air, and I'm sure the Unicorn does too.

I must say that I have quite an old-fashion personality. Sure, I do surf the internet and browse through videos on YouTube but sometimes Facebook bores me (which sounds insane to teenagers of this generation who log on to Facebook to quench their boredom). Eventually, I run out of videos to watch on YouTube, run out of thoughts to tweet, and run out of people to 'chat' with on Facebook. But mainly, the only reason I log on to Facebook nowadays is to have my 'therapy' session with the Unicorn. Besides chatting with the Unicorn about my day, there's simply nothing to entertain me on Facebook. Being a girl so different like me, you can't strike up a conversation with random classmates anytime because there's simply no similar interests I share with other teenagers and soon the conversation goes dry that you end by saying 'BRB' (be right back) and never come back.

But it's ALWAYS different when it comes to Unicorn, our conversation rarely goes dry, it goes on and on. Which amazes me because I haven't had a solid long chat with other teenagers in ages. And so, I am grateful to have at least someone on this planet who knows how I feel (and mean it), share the same interest, and has the ability to keep a conversation going with just anything that comes up to her mind. What I love about Unicorn is that she never fails to give long replies (something that teenagers nowadays rarely do. They give 'one-word' replies such as 'k', 'oh','cool' and 'bye), and they are pack full with good English. Chatting with her is like sitting in for an English conversation class. She expresses excellently through her words and it's like you can hear her voice without actually hearing it.

Something that I love to do through the week is pouring out how I feel and how my day is to her over Facebook chat. It's really like a 'therapy session'. And I never fail to leave a chat with her feeling encouraged, flattered, satisfied and relieved. I'd really like to thank her for being such a remarkable listening and a true friend that I can relate to. If you ask me to name out a thousand things that God has bless me with, you can be a 100% sure to hear the word Unicorn coming out of my mouth because she is indeed a blessing. I pray that our friendship will continue to be stronger year after year and that both the two of us grow up to be extraodinary women of God, accomplishing tasks together :)

I love you, Unicorn :) Thanks for being there and for being you!



Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Instead of carrying along a new novel to school today, I brought one of the many TIME Magazines from home. To expand my vocabulary, I read the articles in the October (2011) issue of Time Magazine during the mini breaks we took during study time today. I noticed so many words I've never seen before used in the articles, such as:

indefatigable: Persisting tirelessly; untiring.
Synonym: tireless
(This adjective (very new to me) was used to describe the popular comic-strip hero, Tin-Tin.)

pomp: 1) a ceremonial or festival display, 2)a show of magnificence
(I found this word in an article about a Royal Wedding in Bhutan, it was a big celebration that ended before a stadium of 50,000 onlookers!)

repatriation: to restore or return to the country of origin, allegiance, or citizenship

I learned more binomials too! And 2 new extra words from a riddle.
See if you can figure this one out...
What word has 5 vowels in alphabetical sequence?
The answer is...Facetious and Abstemious
Did you get it correct? I didn't when we were asked to solve it this morning.
Facetious, pronounced pha-see-cious, means not serious. And abstemious, which means not indulgent.

I learned SO MUCH today but unfortunately, I won't be writing much because I have a test to revise over and over again. I'm aiming for a full mark so I'd better buck up and read more! So time to put Lady Antebellum on pause, plug out my earphones, grab my book and start reading~

Goodbye! I shall update on the result! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

English Test Results!

I got a 9/10 for my English Test!

Honestly, I could've got a 1o/1o if I had just read more :( I panicked when I reached the last question. I blanked out when I tried to search my brain for the right binomial. Win, lose, or draw was the right answer...

Oh well, lesson learned. I was over confident and being too lazy. It's gonna be more intense note reading for the next test (which is next week! Gotta read up soon!).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Report: Princess Diaries Sixsational

Last week I finished the third book of my 2012 reading list, The PRINCESS DIARIES Sixsational by Meg Cabot. I am a fan of the Princess Diaries films, I grew up watching them along with my Mom and my older sister, Rachel. The film was made by one of my all time favorite directors, Gary Marshall, he has made so many witty and enjoyable films. The main characters were played by my favorite actresses too, such as Anne Hathaway who played Mia the Princess of Genovia and Julie Andrews (the one actress I absolutely adore, the most elegant actress of all time) as Grandma a.k.a the Queen of Genovia.

But enough about the movie, I decided that I should start reading the Princess Diaries book version :P I've never touched a Princess Diary book before, so I picked up a few when I went to the book fair last year (I posted about the book fair at my other blog, here's the post)

What I thought about the book:
I was surprised to notice that the book and the movie has so much differences. For instance, there's no Joe (the cool bodyguard in the movie, I would love to have a bodyguard like Joe!) in the book, Mia's bodyguard is named Lars which does not exist in the movie, at least that's what I can recall. Another example, Mia's father (who is acknowledge as the late prince in the movie) is still alive.

What I like about the book is that it's written in a journal format. I have an interest in reading books that I written in the form of a journal or a letter, somehow it makes it more interesting and fascinating for me to read :) The book is filled with Mia's journal entries during the time when she goes back to school after summer break.

There were a lot of additional characters in the book than in the movie. Mia had more friends at school whereas in the movie she is mostly shown only with her best friend Lilly. Lana, Mia's fabulous cheerleader nemesis at school, and her boyfriend Josh are also in the book, although very few parts about Josh is written inside the story.

Overall, the book was very fun to read, I found it very amusing. It's like reading through a teen flick. There are some parts in the book that made me giggle. My favorite character in the book was Lilly, Mia's best friend. She's the same in the book and in the movie, her obnoxious, brave, carefree character amuses me.

This book is fun, exciting, and easy to read. I'd read it again. My rating is...4 stars! :)

Idioms not Idiots

Right now I have to study for my English test tomorrow. And so far we've learn about Binomials and Idioms. Teacher Michael (My very awesome English teacher from Georgia) advised us to revise and study though the list of idioms and binomials he taught us over the last couple of weeks.

So I thought it would be excellent and helpful if I wrote a small paragraph or passage using the binomials and idioms I have learned over the last few classes. This small exercise could help me understand how to make use of the idioms and binomials. If you happen to stumble upon my blog and read this blog post, and if you're better or good in English, please do correct me :)

"Today my Dad brought back a huge blender like the ones you see at Starbucks. My Mom couldn't make heads or tails on how to use the bells and whistles this new blender had to offer. My Dad hadn't consider the pro's and con's of the new blender but he was so eager and excited to use the new blender win, lose, or draw. My Dad was starting to make my Mom's blood boil by pestering her to try out the new blender quickly. He was clearly barking up the wrong tree. I decided to help my frustrated and annoyed Mom out by reading the manual for this blender.

Lost in the manual, I hadn't notice that my Mom had gone into the kitchen where the blender was. Although she wasn't ready, willing, and able, she got so sick of hearing my Dad's whines so she turned on the blender and went ahead to make him juice. Apparently, my Dad was proud of his choice of blender and went blowing his own trumpet about how smart he is when picking electronics out while Mom rolled her eyes."

blue italics= binomials and trinomials

red italics= idioms

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Second Beginning

The Very First post of my very new blog :)

Hi there! I'm an experienced blogger, I don't know if you've viewed my other blog before but I am the author behind the blog 'A Little Bit of Pixie Dust'. I've started quite a few blogs a few years ago but the only successful one was A Little Bit of Pixie Dust, I was loyal and faithful to continue writing in that blog. I won't stop blogging in A Little Bit of Pixie Dust, in fact, I will try my very best to blog in it for as long as possible :)

The reason why I'm starting this new blog, is because I've focused more on beauty and fashion in A Little Bit of Pixie Dust. My blogposts are more on fashion and beauty. So this brand new blog that I have named 'She Shall Write' will be more towards blogposts about my days and happenings in my life. I think it'll help me improve my writing.